Unrecyable Plastics Transform into Construction-Grade Building Blocks

Unrecyable Plastics Transform into Construction-Grade Building Blocks

This is ByBlock, a high-performing insulating building material made completely out of unrecyclable plastic waste – sans additives or fillers. Created by ByFusion, ByBlock is transformed into super-solid construction-grade building blocks and can be incorporated with traditional building materials, including wood, steel, and cement.

Used for constructing homes, sheds, retaining walls, privacy fencing, terrace, and landscaping, ByBlock offers superb “dimensional stability, water-resistant and insect-resistant properties” as it cannot be consumed by termites and carpenter ants. It can also withstand a high-pressure load without cracking or crumbling, which cannot be said for concrete. Considered “the most sustainable building block on the market,” every ByBlock prevents 22 lbs. of plastic waste from being landfilled or incinerated.

ByBlock is versatile and can be screwed, nailed, stapled, sawed, and drilled through using standard, readily available tools and hardware. Without the need for any glues or adhesives, ByBlock offers quicker installation without any specialized labor requirements. It can be finished with a myriad of finishing materials, such as stucco, sheetrock/drywall, plaster, siding, paneling, as well as some specialized paints.

For a more seamless finish to a construction project, Flat ByBlock is used for the top course. The actual exposed/finished height of ByBlock is 8”/205 mm. A standard, single unit un-reinforced 10kg/22lbs ByBlock offers distinctive performance and is exceptionally strong. To further enhance its strength, ByBlock is reinforced using a threaded rod (3/8”-5/8” / 10 – 16 mm).

ByBlock is fire resistant and is categorized as Type 5 construction. In order to adhere to building code fire safety, approved thermal barriers must be applied to ByBlock as a part of its finishing. Furthermore, secondary fire retardants, such as spray, wraps, or panels can also be applied. To further its reach, ByFusion partners with material recycling facilities, governments, municipalities, and corporations to help solve the plastic waste problem.

ByFusion’s Blocker system turns 100% of plastic waste into ByBlock and repurposes any category of plastic waste without needing to initially sort, clean, or pre-process it. It implements this process using two Blocker systems – a Community Blocker and an Industrial Blocker, which are designed for both small and large-scale operations.

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