This Tractor-Towed ‘Surf Rake’ Removes Trash From Beaches

This Tractor-Towed ‘Surf Rake’ Removes Trash From Beaches

This is the Barber SURF RAKE and it’s the most popular, widely-used tractor-towed beach cleaner in the world. Using brilliant engineering, the SURF RAKE leaves beaches absolutely pristine by its ability to remove extremely fine debris like cigarette butts, glass, and bottle caps, etc. without removing residual sand.

This beach cleaner is available in three different models that are optimized for different-sized beaches. The SURF RAKE levels uneven areas in the sand, which ensures an even-cleaning surface and depth. It’s able to detect and avoid large submerged objects, which protects its conveyor system.

It has stainless-steel tines mounted on a conveyor belt, which rake debris from the sand. The debris is then deposited on the conveyor and transported to the beach cleaner’s bucket. Meanwhile, the remaining sand falls through the conveyor’s gaps. The bucket can be hydraulically raised/tilted to dispose of the debris into a truck or container up to 9 feet high.

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