This Touch-Free Sensor Faucet Lets You Wash And Sanitize Your Hands

This Touch-Free Sensor Faucet Lets You Wash And Sanitize Your Hands

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This touch-free sensor faucet with soap and disinfectant dispenser takes hand hygiene to the next level.

Meet the Miscea faucet system that’s designed to improve your handwashing experience. It has integrated soap and disinfectant dispensers as well as an accurate change of water that’s completely touch-free, for your comfort, convenience and optimal hand hygiene.


Our hands are responsible for the spread of an estimated 80% of common infectious diseases and good hand hygiene reduces the risk of possible life-threatening illnesses. When you use hand-operated faucets and dispensers, bacterias are easily transferred from surfaces to your hands.

Miscea touch-free sensor faucets ensure that your hands don’t come in contact with any surface while washing your hands. The faucet system can be used at home or in a medical environment and follows strict hand hygiene guidelines recommended by the World Health Organization.

The faucet is equipped with sensor technology that regulates water usage by automatically switching the water on or off as needed with water savings of 60 to 70%. You also get soap and disinfectant easily by simply waving a hand over the soap or disinfectant sector.

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