This Self-Sustaining ‘Floating House’ Is Fully Solar-Powered

This Self-Sustaining ‘Floating House’ Is Fully Solar-Powered

This is the next-gen floating house by Miami-based Arkup that promotes “avant-garde life on the water.” Equipped with electric propulsion and four hydraulic spuds, Arkup’s houseboat can actually lift itself out of the water – thanks to its customized self-lifting barge and it’s totally stable at anchor.

This 4,350-square foot solar-powered, rainwater-harvesting “mobile floating mansion” takes off-grid, water-based living to another level. Eco-friendly, no fuel, zero-emission, it’s also equipped with purification systems. True to “French art de Vivre, Dutch maritime tradition,” you can be fancy while being safe. It’s designed to withstand high winds thanks to its hydraulic self-elevating system that prevents sea-sickness and floods.

These “livable yachts” can also be surprisingly cost-effective, as its owners won’t have to pay any property taxes – in most cases. The company adds that utility bills will be a thing of the past due to its rainwater-harvesting and solar power generation.

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