This Hygienic Keychain Is A Better Way To Push Buttons and Open Doors

This Hygienic Keychain Is A Better Way To Push Buttons and Open Doors

With the tragic and relentless Coronavirus epidemic taking over the globe, avoiding germs has been at the forefront of our minds. This has become a top priority for one retired New York City Paramedic and StatGear creator, Avi Goldstein who designed the Hygiene Hand Antimicrobial Brass EDC (every day carry) Door Opener & Stylus.

Made entirely from a solid piece of brass, which is essentially antimicrobial, the hygienic keychain can be used to perform daily, germy tasks, such pressing elevator buttons, using credit card machines, ATM’s, and gas pumps, and opening public bathroom doors, etc.

Statistically, the typical office worker comes into contact with 10 million bacteria a day and one bacterium multiples to over 2 million in seven hours. The inspiration for the Hygiene Hand came after Goldstein’s recent visit to the pharmacy in the midst of the COVID-19 outbreak in NYC. He had to use the pharmacy’s stylus to sign for the medication after they ran out of hand sanitizer. Scary!

For a decade, Brooklyn-based StatGear has been designing and manufacturing survival and rescue gear for first responders and other government agencies. Thus far, StatGear has expanded its portfolio to include innovative designs for all different types of EDC (everyday carry) items.

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