This Home Hygiene Mattress Is Helping Fight Against Superbugs And Viruses

This Home Hygiene Mattress Is Helping Fight Against Superbugs And Viruses

The SimCair iCON (Infection Control) mattress was created to help protect against the spread of superbugs, bacteria and viruses in healthcare, hotels, resorts or at home.

The key feature of this product is its ability to not only provide a comfortable sleep surface but also allow the core layer to be washed and wiped clean to disinfect the sleep surface under the cover. The cover itself can also be machine washed.

The portable pressure care and infection control technology ensures that the SimCair mattresses are very safe and comfortable. Their outer shells are made of highly stretchable material to reduce friction forces on skin tissue, helping to prevent pressure sores.

It has been clinically tested and the results demonstrate that the mattress was impermeable to the strains of E.coli, and has the potential to serve as an aid to prevent cross-contamination from patients to bed fabric on mattresses.

The valve system of the SimCair’s mattress allows the surface to be easily compressed, rolled and stored away or transported inside of a carry bag. Once unpacked, the product self-inflates by simply opening the valves – no pump, motor or electricity required.

The SimCair iCON technology is available in the form of a mattress and overlay, and the “iCON technology inside” core layer can be customised and placed inside any mattress at the point of manufacturing.

“Inventor of Simcair iCON and Managing Director of Icon Global Innovations, Patrick Noel Daly, wants to help in the fight against these superbugs and viruses by working with healthcare facilities, hospitals and with mattress manufacturers across the world to make the SimCair iCON technology the new minimum standard for mattresses and mattress toppers in all care and sleep markets across the world.”

Visit www.iconinfectioncontrol.com or www.simcair-icon.com for more information.

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