This Drive-Thru Robotic Gas Pump Automatically Refuels Your Car

This Drive-Thru Robotic Gas Pump Automatically Refuels Your Car

Fuelmatics, a Swedish robotics company, believes that “true automation will change the idea of refueling forever” – and it’s already ahead of the game with the invention of the Fuelmatics automatic refueling system.

This drive-thru robotic gas pump is considered to be faster, cleaner, and more accurate, efficient and eco-friendly. Without the presence of humans at the refueling point, the spread of germs is eliminated at the gas pump, which is crucial given the current COVID-19 outbreak.

When you pull up to the Fuelmatics automatic gas pump, just tap on your Smartphone app that’s linked to your credit card, enter your passcode, and choose the type of gas you want. Then a robotic arm emerges and suctions onto your gas tank and opens it. This is followed by the robotic gas pump’s refueling nozzle that also emerges and connects to the opening of your car’s gas tank.

The refueling nozzle is spill-free as it forms a sealed connection with the car before any it opens any flow valves. This allows for fuel to flow in a closed-loop, which enables the system to recover 100 percent of the vapor and efficiently condenses it back to fuel. The innovative robotic gas pump manages all liquid and gaseous fuels and handles three different fuels through three nozzles.

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