This Autonomous ‘Bricklayer Bot’ Constructed a Home in Just 3 Days

This Autonomous ‘Bricklayer Bot’ Constructed a Home in Just 3 Days

Australian company FBR has developed a revolutionary bricklaying robot called the Hadrian X that can build a 3-bedroom, 2-bath house in just three days. This autonomous construction robot can be mounted into a classic cab over engine truck to easily transport it between locations.

The Hadrian X could also be mounted onto other bases such as tracks, barges, boats, and cranes making this construction robot very versatile for different building needs in various locations. Hadrian X uses FBR’s Dynamic Stabilization Technology, which measures movement caused by wind, vibration, and inertia. The smart bot then responds instantaneously using advanced algorithms to provide its impressive precision.

FBR’s Fastbrick Wall System uses super-efficient blocks specifically designed for Hadrian X. These unique blocks are twelve times bigger than standard house bricks and are lighter, stronger, and designed to minimize waste. Using a special adhesive, the blocks are bonded together in just 45 minutes. This technology has the potential to relieve the shortage of affordable housing.

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