These Floats Turn Ocean Wave Power into Electricity

These Floats Turn Ocean Wave Power into Electricity

This is the Eco Wave Power, an affordable and innovative technology that produces clean, renewable electricity from ocean waves. Using a simple but clever design, the Eco Wave’s floaters can be attached to existing man-made structures, such as docks, which makes them accessible and simplifies the installation process as well as the maintenance.

Currently, the Eco Wave Power technology is being implemented in Israel and Gibraltar, where the company is the trailblazer in this type of renewable energy. It’s operating “the only grid-connected wave energy array in the world, which is operated under a PPA (Power Purchase Agreement).”

The Eco Wave’s floaters draw energy from incoming waves by converting the rising/falling motion of the waves into a clean energy generation process. When the waves are too high, the floaters automatically lift above the water level and remain in an upward position until the storm passes. Then they resume back to an operation mode.

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