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The ‘Viking Link,’ an Underwater Cable from Denmark to the UK Will Supply Power to Over 1 Million UK Homes

This is the Viking Link Interconnector, an underwater 760-kilometer cable that will lie beneath the sea between Denmark and the United Kingdom. The powerful underwater cable will connect Danish wind power to the UK and supply 1.4 million UK homes with green electricity.  As Europe is trying to bounce back from the economic effects of COVID-19, they are also factoring in environmental initiatives, such as this.

Considered to be “the world’s longest high-voltage direct-current connection,” the Viking Link will stretch 760 kilometers from Bicker Fen in Lincolnshire, Great Britain, and the substation Revsing in South Jutland, Denmark.

According to the UK’s National Grid and the Danish electricity operator, Energinet, the project involves the construction of a converter station in each country, and the installation of the submarine and underground cables between each converter station, and underground cables between the converter station and substation in each country. The German multinational, Siemens Energy, is building these converter stations.