Robotic Nurses May Help Limit COVID-19 Exposure in India

Robotic Nurses May Help Limit COVID-19 Exposure in India

India is hoping that robotic nurses will help lessen the spread of Coronavirus. Young startups Dotworld Technologies, Aries Biomed Technologies and Katomaran from Coimbatore have teamed up to share their expertise in biomedical and robotics and have developed three types of robotic nurses – the Dokat Aura, Dokat Cura, and Dokat Cura Plus.

The robotic nurses range in capabilities, with some having UV sterilization for disinfecting public spaces. They are all battery-operated, have a remote control, which allows them to be operated from a safe distance.

Currently, the state government of Tamil Nadu in southern India is reportedly testing the Dokat Aura. The Dokat Aura robotic nurse can deliver medicine and food to patients in isolation wards of hospitals. Equipped with a series of simple phrases, Dokat Aura is able to communicate with patients.

As for Dokat Aura’s navigation system, she runs along photosensitive strips on the floor. With the assistance of optical or magnetic sensors, she knows exactly where to stop and return to her base after the completion of her work. Once the current lockdown is lifted in India, Dotworld Technologies is expected to make 100 robots in 45 days and then around 100 robots a month.

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