Meet ‘Robert’ the Rehab Robot That Accelerates Patients’ Recovery

Meet ‘Robert’ the Rehab Robot That Accelerates Patients’ Recovery

Meet ROBERT, the rehabilitation robot by Life Science Robotics that is speeding up patients’ recovery time and making the work at nursing homes, rehabilitation centers more efficient. These strides are all thanks to ROBERT’s focus on active resistive and assistive mobilization of the lower extremities.

ROBERT the rehab robot allows nurses and physical therapists the ability to work with multiple patients and handle documentation simultaneously.  ROBERT has three types of mobilization modules – active resistive mobilization, active assistive mobilization, and passive mobilization.

Active resistive mobilization offers resistance against the patient’s movement. This is a customized feature where the resistance level of the exercise is adjusted to the patient’s functional strength. Under the direction of a healthcare professional, ROBERT can perform resistance to any movement.

Active assistive mobilization allows ROBERT to guide the patient through the exercise. In this case, the patient’s function and strength will control the level of activity during the exercise. The patient follows along with ROBERT’s movements, or relaxes should there be any fatigue.

For the passive mobilization module, ROBERT guides and supports the early rehabilitation of an immobilized patient. This involves a more fragile, severely affected patient with a reduced or an inexistent level of function. This is the very early mobilization period where rehabilitation is facilitated.

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