Dubai Is Building ‘Sanitation Gates’ That Disinfect and Check Temperatures

Dubai Is Building ‘Sanitation Gates’ That Disinfect and Check Temperatures

The United Arab Emirates is upping their technology in the battle against COVID-19 by having workers at an industrial park in Dubai build sanitation gates that disinfect and check people’s temperatures. The project is being spearheaded by a Syrian entrepreneur, Husam Zammar of Guard ME that builds such gates for government and commercial clients.

Guard ME constructs the gates out of metal frames, galvanized steel, and temperature-checking equipment from China. Upon entering a business or office, one must enter a sanitation gate and first undergo a temperature check, then walk through a disinfectant mist that’s created ultrasonically. Although the sanitation gate won’t be able to detect an asymptomatic carrier of COVID-19, it will still offer people peace of mind, Zammar pointed out to The Associated Press.

The UAE is a federation of seven sheikhdoms where foreigners make up 90% of the population. This measure is a look into the future, or the “new normal” of this thriving desert city-state amid the coronavirus pandemic.

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