Drones Loaded with Super-Seeds Plant Trees to Fight Climate Crisis

Drones Loaded with Super-Seeds Plant Trees to Fight Climate Crisis

The team at Spain-based Dronecoria wants to rev up climate change and they’re hoping to do it a half a million seeds at-a-time per drone flight, and with the help of powerful nutrients and technology for ecological restoration. Dronecoria is an open-source set of tools for large scale, low cost reforestation and it’s becoming a global effort.

The Dronecoria system includes automated seed processing and drone-powered replanting. To give the seeds a fighting chance out in the wild and to survive extreme weather, wildlife, and dryness a specialized, nutrient-rich coating is applied to the seeds.

With the help of a Seed Computer and Seed Ball Machine, Dronecoria is able to produce and test the optimum coatings for each seed. While some drone reforestation technologies may not disclose this information, Dronecoria points out that it publicly shares the info in the hopes that seed providers, landowners, forest managers, and drone makers will join its initiative.

Dronecoria also conducts a territory analysis to locate the perfect location for each seed, learns from the landscape, does aerial sowing accurately and at a low cost, and pelletizes the seeds. Reforestation can restore the health of our ecosystems, but given the current landscape, there is no time to waste.

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