Beneath This ‘Transformer’ Bed Lies an Indestructible Storm Shelter Called ‘Vortex Vault’

Beneath This ‘Transformer’ Bed Lies an Indestructible Storm Shelter Called ‘Vortex Vault’

Oklahomans, Texans, and Nebraskans, among others, are unfortunately no strangers to the wrath of tornadoes and violent storms. That’s why Oklahoma-based Life Lift Systems has developed The Vortex Vaults Tornado Shelter Bed, a bed that lifts and transforms into an indestructible above-ground shelter that can fit an entire family with pets – and even Grandma’s wheelchair!

The impressive Vortex Vaults Tornado Shelter Bed, which is made of heavy-duty steel is just like a life-size “Transformer.” Its safety measures are so legit that it meets FEMA requirements and has been tested to withstand an EF5 tornado by the Texas Tech Wind Institute.

This innovative storm shelter bed can be securely anchored by professional experts onto a concrete slab with 5/8” diameter concrete anchors. It’s rated at over 60,000 pounds of collapse prevention. It’s also 110V powered with an internal battery backup system as well.

According to a testimonial from a customer named Corinne Williams, she, her family, out-of-town guests, and their pets all comfortably fit inside the Vortex Vaults Tornado Shelter Bed. She pointed out, “We were all shocked at how comfortable and not claustrophobic it was in there!! Plus, we were still able to get our Wi-Fi and 4G.” Shelter, protection and Internet access – talk about an efficient “Transformer!”

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