An MIT Student Created This ‘AlterEgo’ Headset That Can Read Your Mind

An MIT Student Created This ‘AlterEgo’ Headset That Can Read Your Mind

This is the AlterEgo mind-reading headset that could transcribe your thoughts developed by Arnav Kapur, a research assistant, and student at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The AlterEgo explores the way in which artificial intelligence can be an extension of your mind.

The AlterEgo is “a non-invasive, wearable, peripheral neural interface that allows humans to converse in natural language with machines, artificial intelligence assistants, services, and other people without any voice.” So, there is no need to open your mouth or make any external movements, instead, the device works simply by articulating words internally.

The feedback to the user is given through audio, via bone transmission without disrupting the user’s usual auditory perception, and making the interface closed-loop. This sets off a human-computer interaction, comparable to a human speaking to one’s self.  The mission of this project is to help support communication for people with speech disorders in conditions like ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis) and MS (multiple sclerosis), etc.

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