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Here at #techthatmatters we keep things simple. Since launching in June 2019, we have been on a mission to reach a global tech audience that cares. Thanks to the power of LinkedIn, we have now built that engaging community of professionals.

We now provide advertising services, for companies and media agencies with a marketing budget, to get better visibility on LinkedIn and other social channels. We offer two ad options (explained below) to give your brand the exposure it deserves.

We use the generous organic reach of social networks including LinkedIn, Instagram and YouTube to build brand awareness for your product. In addition, we use our growing newsletter and Telegram channel to give your brand the boost!

Please note, that we only work with products and services that either help to improve lives or save our planet.

Advertising options

1. Social videos – We create a captivating short video from your existing video content along with a write-up and share it with our global community of tech professionals, that are mainly from the USA, Canada, UK, Europe and Australia.

The videos are also shared through our founder Adam Danyal’s social profiles (LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook) to help your product gain the most visibility to our 1.5 million tech followers and to provide long-lasting engagement for your brand.

Every video we produce is included on this website within an article and in our newsletter that is sent out multiple times a week. We also feature the video as part of a compilation on our YouTube channel.

2. Sponsored blog post – If you already have a video about your product or service on YouTube but not looking to have us edit the video content, then a sponsored blog post is an affordable alternative.

We review your product or service and create an engaging copy that’s included as an article on this website. The article includes an embed of your YouTube video and a link back to your website.

Your sponsored blog post is promoted in our Telegram channel and newsletter. We use rel=”noopener noreferrer” for all outgoing links to protect our user’s data in line with our privacy policy.